You are a private owner or entrepreneur

and you wish to undertake, acquire, invest in the tourism sector or optimise your company's results!


Image advice

For entrepreneurs, professionnals in the tourist industry

Audit  –  benchmark, occupancy analysis, distribution, REVPAR and margins

Optimisation  –  remplissage multicanal, revenue management adapté

Finance  –  business plan, budget, taxes and French charges 

Administration  –  registration formalities, insurance, social security insurance for foreigners

Marketing  –   strategy, communication, websites

Language support for foreigners

For buyers and investors in second homes (holiday homes, B&B’s)

Finance  –  budgeting, taxes, contact with brokers, banks

Administration  –  insurance, formalities (water, electricity, compliance, seasonal rental agreement, tourist tax declaration, etc.)

Work and renovation  –  budget, législation, accompagnement & réalisation de travaux

Enable contact with service providers  –  maintenance, cleaning, concierge, agencies

Marketing   –  vacation rental, communication websites

Language support for foreigners

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